I’ve worked at Moviestore Collection Ltd for several years now… mostly part time since starting the BA course.
I started with retouching and scanning of image which are then uploaded to several websites (syndicates as well as the company own website) – a step backwards in one way but I knew that I wanted to study and if I’d managed to get a well paying, long hour job then I wouldn’t have started the course!

I now tend to deal with the IT (small scale) for the company as there are only 4 people working there – 2 part time including me).

I’ve finally managed to convince the boss to switch DAM (Digital Asset Management) hosts to one that costs 3/4 less than the previous one and this new site now actually works a lot faster and doesn’t come up with constant errors – it still has a few issues to sort but hopefully they will be completed in the next few weeks.


Moviestore Collection Ltd - refresh of website landing page