I finally got to visit Edinburgh for a few days – I now have a strained knee from all the walking!

RunnyCustard: Scotland Collection &emdash; Rocky Pathway

Lone hiker on top of Holyrood Park facing towards Salisbury Crags (west side)

I’m not used to hills and slopes as London is fairly flat.. .plus if you go somewhere rural and at night then remember to take a torch… sounds obvious but I managed to forget and didn’t realise my iPhone has a torch function until I’d got back to a road! oops.

I will be posting more work soon… I have freelance work, portraits of a couple and all the images from Scotland to work on – and I visit the Shard on the 14th February (Valentines day… gargh… didn’t realise that when I booked it!) so I will be glued to my Mac for the rest of the week… night and day (probably a good thing compared to all the walking I did).

RunnyCustard: Scotland Collection &emdash; Night Flare.

Mossmorran, Fife.
Flaring at the Fife Ethylene Plant – photographed from across the Firth of Forth next to Long Green Wood at the edge of Dalmeny Estate – Cramond Island sits on the right of where I was standing.

Excess being burned off in Fife meant that a night light gets left on in Edinburgh and surrounding areas… gives a nice effect 🙂

The Mossmorran NGL (natural gas liquids) fractionation plant is part of the North Sea Brent oil and gas field system located on the outskirts of Cowdenbeath, Fife. (info from Wikipedia)

RunnyCustard: Scotland Collection &emdash; Forth Bridge Traffic

A cargo ship sails underneath the Forth Rail Bridge.