I recently undertook the Tree Shepherd course – ‘Start your own Enterprise’ which made me realise how involved I have become in Lambeth groups – one of my tutors was Anita Thorpe of Diverse Gifts who sell my work through Makerhood Lambeth and Georgina Wilson from The Hub in Tulse Hill & Bizbudee (formally the James Wilson Coffee Shop) and who, with Tree Shepherd created Twist on Station Rise – an affordable market made up of local people who are setting up their own business!

My plan is to help creatives, individuals and small business with their online spaces – from website building, image enhancement, product photography, social media setup and tips with teaching them to do these things themselves – I may start it up (website for example) but I want them to take control and learn rather than just left with a website and then wondering what to do next… I’ve met many Artist/Makers and small business people who paid a lot for a website that looks a little limp and it’s just gone to dust yet their work is begging to be seen and promoted!

Through Georgina’s involvement with the Twist project I built the website for Twist on Station Rise which, was made up of 17+ traders – the site still needs some profiles finished and that takes time when the traders themselves are just starting out so they don’t have many photos, websites and social media sites to add at the moment.

The site features several slide shows, a filterable gallery of traders and each have a profile page with photos – many of the photos needed enhancements and resizing – I plan to fill any gaps in the traders photos with some that I took of the launch until they can organise their own or they can have the ones I have – the site also has a blog attached.


The Launch was attended by Tulse Hill Station Manager (Southern Rail) who supported and donated to the project and the Deputy Mayor Adedamola Aminu came to chat to the traders alongside Lambeth Enterprise Manager at Tree Shepherd, Lydia Gardner and CEO of Tree Shepherd, Colin Crooks.

The Mayor of London backed the project as well as many local business and individuals in the community.

The next market is on the 17 December and is on once a month Thursday’s 3pm – 8pm – I plan to take more photos on that day too – There was a lot of fun handmade work that would make great gifts, chocolates, body scrubs, clothing, hot food and more so please go check it out!

Just outside of Tulse Hill Station and down the ally to the left of the station and in the Hub (formally the James Wilson Coffee Shop) which is at the end of Station Rise and turn right.