The web yarn bomber and me decided to have a go at time-lapse photography alongside the south bank in London.

Here’s the tiny clip of the web yarn bomber taking her own time-lapse … which is very exciting… taking pictures of someone taking pictures is always a show stealer 🙂

(oh, I’ve used iMovie which wont allow me to speed this clip up – I’ll have to wait until I can use final cut pro again)

I’m uploading another clip showing tourists coming and going along the south bank… I’ll embed that clip once it’s finished processing.

We hope to have another try at time-lapse soon – I discovered that my SLR will continuously shoot images so all I have to do is make myself comfortable and hold down the remote 🙂

There is a way to make your computer take intermittent shots but I don’t want to have my laptop and camera equipment in reach of anyone who wishes to run off with them so I’ll only try that technique at home.

I recommend having a look at Keith Loutit’s website and video’s.

Not only are they time-lapse, they also incorporate the tilt shift lens which makes the world look like miniatures toys… fantastic!

Small Worlds Project: Manly Ferry. Pause while a clip is playing to share it.
Tilt Shift Video by Keith Loutit | Twitter | Facebook
more information and examples of time-lapse (far better than my current clips) can be found here:

Wiki entry for Time-Lapse – will have some useful links and information

Advance set-up for Time-Lapse: Creative site