These images are form a class on 3D Max… I had some issues with my iMac’s bootcamp so I was unable to use this software at home which I am gutted about… hopefully my Brother will be able to fix the problem so I can try this software again!

The idea for this peice was to have a pan across the landscape and either mist or plumes of smog are coming from the ‘sprouts’ (the weird long things!) and then streams of bugs come popping out.. cascading to the ground and most of them only have one leg… but sometimes (evolution?) a two legged variety pops out.. these ones are capable of traveling distances which means they can create nests in other sprouts.. the more likely two legged bugs are born if they are successful.

Alien Landscape in 3D max

Alien Landscape in 3D max

I was going to use this scenario for a php text game that we have to do for another assignment but because I couldn’t use the software at home and I’m totally rubbish at PHP (not a surprise.. it’s something new they added to the course!) so this piece never got finished.

3D Alien Landscape with bug

These images are were created in class:

Liquid pouring into bowl:

Pool Table – tutorial in class:

3D Max Pool Table

3D Max Pool Table


I didn’t create the character for this one – it’s just a practice of moving the neck, head, and eyes – followed class tutorial.

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