A Wiki was set up for the students of Digital Media Year 2 student of their experience of the Elephant & Castle area of South London; the home of London College of Communication (part of the University of the Arts).

The Elephant & Castle Wiki

The class decided to let the wiki be open to the public as well as all students rather than keep it closed just for the Digital Media students. The only two people who initially oposed this consisted of the two older mature students who had not been exposed to such internet sites as wikipedia as much as the younger generations (who tend to over use this site and rarely venture to view other sources of information). I think we also assumed that people would edit it with rubbish or rudeness when in fact nobody posted anything until the deadline for the assignment started looming! Plus it does depend on the internet search ratings for the wiki to surface for the general population to see it and then want to add to the wiki themselves – maybe it has been seen but as it was so bare people probably just clicked on?)

A Wiki is ‘collaborative community Website where anyone can contribute. Since then, programmers have created many wiki-inspired programs and wiki Websites. Most of these stay true to the goal of simplicity. Wikis can be used for a large variety of tasks, from personal note-taking to collaborating online, creating an internal knowledge base, assembling an online community, and managing a traditional website. The possibilities might make wikis seem like a daunting system, but commitment to simplicity makes wiki tools a breeze’.

Nathan Matias, Sitepoint

The wiki was created using dokuwiki which is free to use and licenced under the GNU Genera Public License.

My view on Elephant & Castle…

I personally do not like the area and have managed to avoid it when walking across the ‘water’, most people either dislike it or love it, (it’s Wabi Sabi!) so my entry consisted of the pin hole photograph I took of the Faraday Building which has been mentioned twice on this blog.

In year one we had a task on Farraday’s Legacy to the area and I added power points and plug to the square shapes in the Farraday’s Memorial situated on the Roundabout: link
In the Wabi Sabi task 2, year 2 I took a pinhole image of the memorial using an Energy drink can (energy/electricity!): link
I did want to take more images of the Haygate Estates that are in the process of being torn down for the new¬† regeneration scheme but unless I find someone to go with me I unfortunately, don’t feel safe taking my camera/tripod equipment to that area (or my own body for that matter).

Another idea was to find positive areas that would be a surprise to people who have not visited this hub of South London and have only heard negative statements but I realised that would entail me walking and exploring the area and again this did not seem such a good idea.

But last year I did come across a rather nice leafy square along George Road called W Square (strange name?) that has extremely friendly squirrels and it’s a shame the photograph of the poor hapeless lad who was trying to eat his packed lunch found that he had to fight off the squirrel in order to save his food didn’t come out.


My initial entry was: UPDATE: Wiki now seems to have been deleted!

I also tried adding titles and centering the images which was a pain as the Wiki’s limited layout options seem odd after using such software programs as wordprocessors, DTP and wordpress!

I also made some corrections, one being about The Strata Building, ie: link to the site detailing more about the building and the cost of the apartments (with link) and improved the exposure of one of the photographs.

Another entry also said that the shopping centre has a Woolworths which I did add a ‘really’ to this as I have yet to spot one especially since the company went bust – I understand they now do an internet store for Woolworths only – but I may be wrong but as stated earlier this can show the fragile state of a wiki unless an obsessed fact finder keeps correcting any edits or attempts of sabotage.

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