Wispy bits…

With the weather changing and finally blue skies are above, I can’t but help look up and admire the wispy streaks of clouds in the sky…

I love black and white photography as it can create new ideas/forms from what would be obvious if you saw the same images in colour – clouds in the sky!

RunnyCustard: Clouds &emdash; Sky Wisps - B&W

RunnyCustard: Clouds &emdash; Sky Wisps, planes and trees

But I can’t help but like the colour versions too!
RunnyCustard: Skyscapes &emdash; Sky Wisps, planes and trees

RunnyCustard: Skyscapes &emdash;
I was thinking of doing more sky shots and look for abstract patterns etc.

I do have a fair amount of images that concentrate on the sky more than anything that comes from the ground and after working for several photo libraries, I know that they too have a huge collection of sky photographs so it may seem pointless… but everything has been done before but… not by me!