A few of my patterns on square silk scarfs, rectangle long scarfs and bedset… none of the original photos are mine by the way – I have just borrowed them to see what my patterns would look like.

I do hope to find a few that I can offer for sale once I’ve sourced printers/suppliers – the more simple designs I may be able to screen print myself – I need to practice screen printing again… I have found some fabric to test on and got my screen out… just need to decide on which design to go for.

(just realised that it may look like I did the lampshades with the wrong size motifs showing inside but I was thinking of double lined… so the motif is purposely a different size… probably should just leave it as normal shades… one side patterned and maybe you can see a ‘hint’ of the pattern on the inside… I got carried away ;-))

I’ll add some more mock ups later…