Hi-End Non-Destructive Retouching and Image Enhancements


I prefer natural retouching of portraits which enhances natural beauty without immortalising a temporary spot or misplaced hair – unless, of course you request a more editorial/advertising hi-end retouch of your images – this includes art and conceptual ideas too.

Need help with improving your images for social media, blogging and product photography as well as banners and gifs?

Do you want to organise your image collection and help with your keywording / cataloguing to enable you to use them more effectively?

Interested in learning about Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photographic techniques?


Click the images below to see a few more examples.

Label Removal, Colour Correction & Cleaning of an old Slide
Removal, Background Re-creation & Skin Smoothing
Floor Re-creation, Colour Correction, Retouch

Enquiries and Questions?

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