I went to the Open Doors Pop up exhibition which featured Owl Knit You – Emily Spence’s web installation and prints at her first show!
Lots of other Artists were there and creators of the pop up who decided they wanted to create a platform for artists to show their work and also help people create and understand their own communites.


I took a few pics which can be seen in this slideshow below which also shows a few abstract shots of Emily’s Web!

Unfortunately, a couple of images from other artists didn’t come out very well but hopefully the other people taking photos would have got those as well!

I had several favorites… click ‘more’ to see individual images and links (if supplied) cont…

: the handscreen printed wallpaper which took about 9 hours to make by hand – Ashley Le Quere


Hand screen printed wallpaper designed and made by Ashley Le Quere

‘Girl with coffee cup and cigarette’ – Oil on Canvas by Kerry Jones – I know everyone is facing away from the painting but I rather like the fact that the girl with the Coffee & Cigarette sits where ever she is and people watches… so I don’t think she minds ;-P

Kerry Jones - Girl with Coffee and Cigarette

Beka Walton’s dramatic self portraits!

Beka Walton pictured near her photographs

My photos of Fuad Ali’s work which was displayed on the wall didn’t come out but I did get a few shots of the ones placed on the (I assume now glassless dining table – nice effect with the strings etc!) and his website is currently being constructed so no link… Artist need to get their website or online presence sorted!!

Fuad Ali

and of course Emily’s 😀

Emily Spence the Textile Artist!



Web installation and a few choice prints created by Emily Spence @ Owl Knit You


The Open Doors duo Tom & Katy, will be starting the new project soon… could be Clapham this time but please visit their blog to find out more and to keep up to date… and if you create your own art then please contact them to see if you can be in one of their exhibitions!