not sure I like such assignments that make you think about your past and then turn it into a nice simple explanation… gargh.

My childhood was anything but… I know a lot of people say that but I moved 30+ times before I was 16… no army links or anything like that… just an unstable mother and 4 half siblings who came and went as they were in the care system or staying with their grandparents… I didn’t know we had grandparents!!!? My twin and I were also in care for the first 3 years as well. so lots of random people who were never to be seen again and lots of petty and/or real dramas… quiet moments were just not possible.

If there was a quiet moment then it was generally missed as stress doesn’t just instantly disappear… it takes time.

I do remember a corrugated roof at the back of the house and generally no one came out there, when it rained the noise of the rain drops would create patterns of dings and things along with wet splashes. There was also a garden (we only lived there a couple of months) which had apple trees and countryside stretching either side (it was on a long road that stretched from one town to another and we were in the middle) so a fresh smell would rise up – after spending most years on concrete council estates smelling anything fresh was a rarity… I live in London and I never sniff and find it weird if someone asks me if anything smells nice… what? you want me to sniff???! lol.

Child in WIndow 2013

Child in the view-less window

I couldn’t quite picture how to draw a simple scenario with the above so I thought about another memory that pops into my head now and then… I find it slightly strange that it is a pleasant memory because it doesn’t make that much sense until I gave it some more thought.

The above sketch was done quickly and I added textures and colour in photoshop.

At one of the many houses I lived at this particular room had a window that looked out on a concrete square. The walls either side of the tiny square higher than the house (it was old pub) so it was just a grey patch of concrete with nothing to see… for some reason I liked it… I guess I could daydream with my own views instead of a set one like most other windows – we never lived anywhere with nice views anyway – a school trip to Swanage (paid by the headmaster of the school!!) made me think of the village type coastline for years – I though it was the prettiest place AND it had a pottery shop (everyone just used it as a shortcut but I had to be dragged as I was staring at all the hand-made pots and clay objects!) AND half a house… the rest of it had been eroded away by the elements and the kitchen was 200 ft down a cliff in the sea! Brilliant (to a kid)


For the online drawing workshop we had to then take a photo of someone jumping… I tried asking my cat to jump for me but she’s not that obedient .. lovely and polite but no leaping for me…


so I decided to do a quick sketch which I find hilarious… yes the rear legs annoy me as they are totally wrong but if you look at it that way then it is all wrong… it is supposed to be a five-minute fun drawing. HA

Neo jump jumping caricature sketch

Caricature Sketch of Neo the ex-stray cat


I haven’t started this bit but as I’m slightly behind and have yet to start assignment 3 ‘visit a gallery and draw your own artwork inspired by the hanging Art found there’ or if you can’t make it to a gallery (I live in London so I have no excuse really) but then there is too much choice and I keep seeing this illustrators work on Facebook… so I’m going to combine the ‘FUTURE’ part of this assignment and use assignments 3 ‘inspired by’ in the style of the illustrator that I like… if that makes sense.

Assignment 5 is already up… it involves a chair 🙂