I recently came up with some mock-ups to help visualise a canvas print (or even a framed print) of images from a Birthday session which consisted of portraits and fun times had in their local park.

One to show sizes and how it would look in the families home and the other to show that they needn’t have just one image on a canvas print – one with straight edges between the images and the other with curved. The parents picked the straight edged version for a 60×40 canvas print – I hope to take a picture of it on the wall after this weekend and will post it up later.

This allowed the parents to choose which images they wanted printed as it can be confusing having so many options.

Curved & straight edged canvas print - 2 mock-ups to aid choice

Parent picked which images they wanted - Above shows curved & straight edged canvas print mock-ups to aid choice

The parents took some mobile pics of their lounge, hallway etc which didn’t come out very well so I used some Photographer’s Aids. I then re-created their living room in photoshop – you can see their computer desk (which is rather colourful and pixellated lol) in the corner of the lounge image (middle pic) as I couldn’t find one which echoed the same angle in the timeframe I had.

Print Frames Mock up - photographic aid

Print Frames Mock up - photographic aid

Hallway mock-ups

photographer aid


We managed to get a good deal from Photobox, who were doing a discount on giant poster prints. This was to go above the door of their flat which has a huge space above – the mother chose the photograph of the father and sons walking along a path – I think this gives a great perspective on them leaving the house and going on wonderful adventures together. I had initially thought a big smiling face of one of the boys would be fun to have above the front door but I have to say, I much prefer the mothers choice!!

Father & Sons autumnal walk

Father & Sons autumnal walk

I hope putting up the huuuge poster on such a high ceiling isn’t as hard as I envisage it! lol.

I would like to create room mock-ups to show people how my Art prints would look on their wall – it is hard to ‘see’ how prints and frames look on your own wall and what size to pick, so hopefully I’ll figure something out or find a solution – I have the above templates which is useful for showing clients (you can pop in your own pictures into the frames and swop sizes etc) but I like to use something similar to how this photographer shows his work off – which does look rather fab! Rich Helmer room layouts of his photography art in rather lovely rooms.