Once again Open Doors London organised another postcode exhibition and this time it was in Brixton SW9 – with a great mix of artist who create work in various mediums and styles.

well yesterday they had a very special visitor – Prince Charles!

Prince Charles visit

Prince Charles visit SW9

I took some photos of the initial preparation and a few of Prince Charles who was surrounded by press and other assortment of business people.

here’s a slideshow – they are available for digital download – please contact me if you have any questions or get stuck.

The visit was in connection with Brick Box, a Community Interest Company for South London.

We are a ‘ground up’ arts organisation and community movement made up of artists, dreamers, hopers and no hopers’

They are using the ex Angel Public House, 354 Coldharbour Lane, as a community space which is how Open Doors came to show this exhibition.

click here for Open Doors London SW9 Facebook page

click here for Open Doors London SW9 Facebook page

Exhibition SW9 is an arts show all about Brixton hosted by The Brick Box and OpenDoors London. During the weekend ExhibItion SW9 will be exploring and celebrating Brixton and its community through art. Events include:

THE POSTCODE GALLERY: an art exhibition themed around a game of consequences. OpenDoors has collected words written by local residents about the area. The words have been passed onto artists who will be exhibiting original art directly inspired by the words.

LIVE MUSIC: During the evening there will be a host of performers to enjoy.

ICE CREAM SCULPTING: Artist Sibylla McGrigor will be running an ice cream art installation with the help of Haagen Dazs. FREE ice cream for sculptors!

FLAG MAKING: There will be a workshop aimed at designing a Brixton flag

SPOKEN WORD: During Saturday actors will recite the poems and words that form the backbone of The Postcode Gallery

WIGWAM DECORATING: There will be canvases built into wigwams that need to be decorated throughout the exhibition.

VEGETABLE STAMPS: Vegetables from the market will be primed and prepped to make wonderful vegetable stamps to decorate cards and books

FOOD: They will be food and refreshments for sale throughout the weekend to keep creative noses keen

ALSO there will be art materials to pick up and play with. There will be a giant game of consequences played throughout the night, live music, live art, face painting and a fully licensed bar!

Friday 22nd 11am – 5pm and 8pm – 2am (£5 entry for the night)
Saturday 23rd 11am – 5pm and 8pm – 2am (£5 entry for the night)


the following artist will be showing:

Terezia Abraham
Email:  razyabraham@gmail.com


Pilar Camino Alcon
Email:  pilarcaminoalcon@hotmail.com


Emma Buggy
Email: emmacbuggy@gmail.com


Louise Burrows
Email: louiseeleanor@hotmail.co.uk


Carlotta Finchwww.carlottafinch.com
 Email: carlottafinch@gmail.com


Twitter: @fooillustration


Gabriella De Gaetano
Email: gabrielladegaetano@gmail.com


Harry Grenfell
Email: grenfell.harry@hotmail.co.uk


Kerry Ann Jones
Email: kerryannejones@live.co.uk
Twitter: @starslikeroses


Jessica Kilpatrick
Email: kilpatrick.jessica@gmail.com


Ben Martin
Email: benscottmartin@gmail.com


Rachel Noel
Email: hello@rachelnoel.com
Twitter: @rachelmaud
Other info: Instagram - @rachelmaud


Julia Page
Email: jubypage@hotmail.com


Tom Page
Email: tompage87@gmail.com


Ashley Le Quere
Email: ashleylequere@gmail.com


Anthony Sampaio
Email: antcantdraw@gmail.com


Emily Spence
Email: emily@owlknityou.com


Olivia Spooner


Rose Turner


an me! I added a couple of 8x10 prints which are available to buy! :-)