Crowded much?

After missing the torch in my local area I thought I’d have a walk up to the South Bank to see the final day of it’s tour of the UK.

well… how many people were out… blimey! I thought the Jubilee was crowded until it started raining and cleared slightly.

I’m not tall enough even with my camera waving over my head blindly snapping pics along with several million (?!) others to get a clear view but did manage to glimpse the golden boat – the £1 million Gloriana, which arrived in front of City Hall and waved its oars in the air in salute to the crowds. I did wonder how they were moving the torch to City Hall but it turned out it doesn’t go anywhere and actually ‘rests’ until later that evening where they displayed amazing fireworks… which I missed as I was daft enough not to find out what was happening before hand… I think the last image, the children in the fountain – looks far more fun than trying not to step on anyones toes and not get crushed!


Olympics 2012 Torch Final Day on the Thames

Olympics 2012 Torch Final Day on the Thames

 get back to work! lol

skiving staff :-)

skiving staff 🙂