Visited Marlow which is along the River from Henley-on-Thames… Marlow seems to be a smaller version of Henley but I wasn’t there long so just managed to walk along the high street and Bridge area.

Click on the images to see the other photographs I took of the Area.

RunnyCustard: Marlow Buckinghamshire &emdash; Marlow Suspension Bridge and All Saints Church

I seem to have a thing for bridges!!RunnyCustard: Marlow Buckinghamshire &emdash; Marlow Suspension Bridge spanning the River Thames

RunnyCustard: Marlow Buckinghamshire &emdash; Macdonald Compleat Angler, Marlow Suspension Bridge

RunnyCustard: Marlow Buckinghamshire &emdash; Marlow Weir as seen from Marlow Suspension Bridge


I also took some portraits of 3 lovely rescue cats – it’s amazing how different in personality there were to each other!

One was playful (the black cat) called Pipin, the Ginger cat was so tall and moved with graceful fluid motion (even when he fell off a chair!) and then there was Mims… well, I think she would have preferred a house to herself with no people or other cats… she likes to slap … I don’t blame her though as I think strangers constantly stroking your head would be extremely annoying.

rescue cats

rescue cats

rescue cats

rescue cats

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