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I’ve been working freelance for Moviestore Collection Ltd again – scanning 35mm, medium format and prints of old movie stills which I then research the film and add names, keywording etc to then upload to the company website and other syndicates – whilst it’s nice to work from home it does mean that you need to get out of the house so I tend to go on long walks around London – obviously I take my camera with me… really keep meaning to take my tripod but I tend to just carry it around and give myself back ache… oops.

RunnyCustard's Recent Projects

RunnyCustard’s Recent Projects








I love the baby images – there were a lot more but these are for the parents eyes only – there were also two older girls who I got to jump around on a bed. I then photoshopped a fluffy sky into the background so it looks like they are ‘leaping’ into the sky… bit of fun :-)

I also went on the London Emirates Cable Car which was great fun and hope to do it again soon… just a shame there isn’t that much to visit the area for – I’m not a fan of the O2 Dome’s ‘contents’ … the Dome itself it a nice structure, I just hate the shops/entertainment types places it has… very fake and expensive.

I’m selling prints on Etsy (ready to frame), from my main website and Fine Art America and Redbubble

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