Summer Snow!?

It snowed in London on the day that Summer is ‘supposed’ to start… ok, it rarely does start that actual day or week but snow is not the usual feature.

As I had to drop off and collect some work I did my usual walking home but took a different route. I finally walked around some south London parks that I’d not been to before.

I started off cutting through Camberwell Old Cemetery which has some very old graves which are apparently unstable… I stuck to the pathways just in case. I then went  to Dulwich Park, which was packed with kids on half term, riding on hired bikes but behaving themselves rather well. Ice cream truck sat by the side of the park but still a little cold for me for ice cream!

Belair Park was next which features a rather lovely grand Beauberry House and is surrounded by sports grounds and golf clubs – the Dulwich Picture Gallery was close by but looked closed.

While listening to a dog getting all excited over some geese I realised that you can see the Elephant & Castle’s Strata Tower and the Shard from Belair Park – it should surprise me as I’ve see the Shard from High Barnet!

I was thinking that instead of my usual black and white gritty images I’d try something floral or summery – it proved to be a challenge.

RunnyCustard: Natural Elements &emdash; Summer Bells

RunnyCustard: Natural Elements &emdash; Summer Bells

RunnyCustard: Natural Elements &emdash; Hebe - Battersea Park foliage


RunnyCustard: Natural Elements &emdash; Plant frills
But this one makes me think of Autumn!

RunnyCustard: Natural Elements &emdash; Plant frills

I have more images to come but these are the most floral and different from my usual style.