A PHP based interactive text game is the brief and the other option is to create a customised wordpress theme (on your own hosting site).

This blog is a customised blog so that part has been done – would like to create more changes which I will do at some point but the PHP text game and video are taking up all my time at present.

Where the initial idea came from. (php game)

A stencil that I added to a laundry bin kept catching my eye – it was never completed as there are two other parts to the stencil (click here to see old stencil) – but I kept seeing a landscape… then pictured some little bugs crawling over the ‘sprouts’ – this then reminded me of another dream I had many years ago of one legged bugs that only walked in circles meaning that they never went anywhere and no mouths meant they died… not a very successful tale of evolution.

3D game sketches & images

Another Class involved 3D max and I wanted to utilise both classes to create this game – see this blog post which shows the Animated landscape pan.

I had wanted to add the 3D bug animation into this game but I doubt this will be possible for two reasons:

1) my bootcamp on my iMac doesn’t work so I was only able to create a simple pan through the alien landscape (see previous blog post).

2) I seem to be incapable of basic PHP and database management – I did manage to get the database working but for some reason it has stopped!

I can manage basic html/css and flash script but I think I’ll be drawing the line at that point (for now that is)

I’m like a dog with a bone … I can’t seem to give up but yet I still get no where (*sob*)

Luckily I had wanted to set up a blog for my own website in order to show personal, study and work projects without having to re-do the main website pages and a blog seemed an easy way to achieve this and as I had already started this process it didn’t take long to ‘complete’ this assignment (*cough* ??!)

The WordPress files were downloaded and then uploaded to my own hosting server – this involved creating a database for WordPress to use.

Once installed I then manipulated a theme found free online (I didn’t have time to learn how to create a theme from scratch – a project I still plan to do for the 3rd term of year 2).

Plugins used: (I have used others but these are not currently in use on this particular blog)

Smooth scroll Plug in

  • Add a footer link “Back to top” which will bring visitors to top area of your blog.
  • Add special Smooth scrolling effect to such links
  • You can add your own smooth scrolling links in your page

Page Links To

This plugin allows you to make a WordPress page or post link to a URL of your choosing, instead of its WordPress page or post URL. It also will redirect people who go to the old (or “normal”) URL to the new one you’ve chosen.

Blog Protector

Protect your valuable blog content as well as images from getting copied.

Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin

  • Creates valid XHTML.
  • Uses the image that you specify. It doesn’t just resize your very large images.
  • Let’s you control the display of your images through CSS.
  • Adds support for multiple Lightbox-type scripts.

jQuery Colourbox

When adding an image to a post or page, usually a thumbnail is inserted and linked to the image in original size.
All images in posts and pages can be displayed in a layer when the thumbnail is clicked.

I’m in the process of using WP Hive on a blog that I created over the Christmas Break and I’m hoping that I will be able to add this blog so that I can update each blog from one dashboard.