A trip to Hampton Court Palace Gardens.

RunnyCustard: English Gardens &emdash;  life sculpture

Triangular Trees and Sunny Skies – what more do you need?

RunnyCustard: English Gardens &emdash;  'The Great Fountain Garden' curved canal

Love the curve and reflections in this image – I’ve made these into greeting cards!

I decided to walk along the Thames starting by visiting Hampton Court Palace. I got the train to Hampton Wick and ended up walking for 30 mins along a road that had walls either side, which I thought was a shame as there was no view – I felt that I had wasted 30 minutes as there might have been a better route. Oh well, I finally got to Hampton Court and brought a ticket to walk around the Gardens – I don’t find overly ornate interiors that interesting and I have a serious lack of historical knowledge but I do like nature so the gardens was preferable. (it’s also cheaper and less crowded). general pic of front of hampton court here…. There is a maze but as there were a large group of loud school children in front I decided to keep walking and go to the main Great Fountain Garden and I have to say, I love triangular trees… who knew! triangular tree pics here…. next garden description and pics here….   lots of chimneys… pics here….

RunnyCustard: English Gardens &emdash; Hampton Court Palace Gardens

Tourist Attraction and Royal History!

RunnyCustard: English Gardens &emdash; A Royal Long Lake

Swan Lake!