Brief: 200 word essay on the difference between visiting an art gallery and viewing the paintings opposed to viewing works of art via websites and books.

Online websites and books may allow Art to be made accessible to people who might not otherwise go to Art Gallery’s but gallery’s can show the work in context with how it would be viewed when it was created many years before (if historical type art pieces) i.e.: the size and positions on the wall – which brings the eyeline to where it’s creator wanted it to be viewed from. Some paintings require the viewer to look upwards rather than the usual eye level of adults.

Also, photographs and prints of original paintings are unable show the texture used in paintings, i.e.: Oil paints and egg tempura, etc have textures that cannot be seen clearly or sometimes at all from a photograph or from websites (computer screens are only 72 dpi resolution – the human eye can ‘see’ up to approx 300 dpi), this also includes what the base material was, different types of wood, canvas, walls (murals).

Depth of field, gives a richer, and more ‘real’ experience of seeing an original piece of art. Most people boast or become excited when seeing something original whereas, you will not find many people with the same level of exuberance at seeing a website or book of the same contents.

Lighting can change the colours used in paintings(house lighting etc can change colours – light bulbs are ‘naturally’ blue and this can give a slight shift in the perception of the colours used).

The building and environment that the paintings are seen in can also impact and can reinforce the paintings stature. This can make the viewer understand it’s importance compared with seeing the same art in books or online where they also watch videos on youtube perhaps!