Rock Paper Scissors Artist Makers Collective at L’Arche West Norwood

Rock Paper Scissors Artist Makers Collective at L’Arche West Norwood

In collaboration with The Open Works and Makerhood 26 Artist/Makers are selling their work at L’Arche in West Norwood.

Rock paper Scissors - a maker collective.


L'Arche Handmade Gift Shop & Workshop for Locals in West London

L’ Arche own members create these fab candles which are for sale all year long – great for gifts and come in a range of sizes and colours.
Rock Paper Scissors at L'Arche in West Norwood

They also sell cards, ornaments and other handmade items in workshops for local people with or without learning disabilities.

The Open Works

It’s free to join which I did just the other week 🙂

THE OPEN WORKS IS A LAMBETH COUNCIL PROJECT – they work with locals on ideas, projects, workshops (check out their tradeschool which is free to attend!)

The Open Works icon

Local Residents collaborating to build a sustainable future. (click image to visit their page)

click the image above to visit their website which will tell you all about their projects (Update 2015 – a report of the project is now available)


I’ve mentioned Makerhood several times before – I’ve just noticed that their website has been updated so please go check it out – only £25 for a years membership where you get the chance to attend lots of workshops, meet ups and support for your creative ideas. You don’t have to actually sell anything but maybe interested in turning your hobby or skills into a small side business or even go full time.

It does help to have others to talk to and just help you feel it’s a possibility rather than just a pipe dream!

Makerhood Lambeth - Artist, Makers Collective

Lots of Artwork, prints, illustration and stamps, wine cosies, b

The Shop

It’s a small shop that has a workshop attached and they sell prints, cards, candles, wine glass cosies, stamps, toys, cushions, jewellery, clothing, stationary, bags, and more so great for the up coming Christmas season – they will be featuring the work up to Christmas but may also go on to January 2015.


My work on the top shelf and a few on the others… prints, cards, mini framed prints, and cushion covers (linen mix & cotton versions)
My work on the top shelf (prints, cushion covers with other make

My jewellery & cushion (with pad) all hanging around on an antler!Some more of my work hanging around on some antlers!

Everyone loves the frog but it’s not for sale – it was hand dry needle felted with home spun fleece directly off a sheep… hand dyed too! The sale price would be huge for the amount of work involved.

People loved the frog but it's not for sale :-(

how cute is this little guy! (made by the same person who created the frog above)
Another little cute character is looking for a new home.

Making a Sale!!!

Making a sale! Most of the Artist/Makers will be behind the desk
The shop is open on different days until different times – I will post that info up when I get told the exact opening times – the Artist / Makers will be selling the work on different days as well.



I will also blog about Makerhoodies who are featuring at the lovely Diverse Gifts (including me!) on Coldhabour Lane again this Christmas – the launch in this Thursday 6th November and there is a 10% discount on Makerhoodies work that day.

Print All Over Me PAOM


My designs featured on bags, dresses, towels and other items with the POD site Print All Over Me… click image to visit!


RunnyCustard Designs on Clothing & Accessories PAOM

RunnyCustard Designs on Clothing & Accessories PAOM

New Etsy Shop…

RunnyCustard illustration Etsy Shop

I’ve started a new Etsy – I have 3 now!!

one is for my photography (see the side banner for the link) and this one will be for my illustrations and other work that came from illustrative type work.

I hope to offer my work that I’ve created over the years but also a space to try out original painted work too… I have four canvases that have several layers of paint waiting to dry and then to add the main artwork too, sat on the side now 🙂

Buy Handmade This Christmas 2013!

I love handmade art and crafts… especially the finer type that are sculptural in form, I would love to create more adventurous things but I’m a big chicken!

Maybe if I sell more prints then I could experiment more ;-P

I’m in the UKHandMade 2013 showcase listings and here’s the magazine. (I’m on page 48!)

Also have a look at their Winter 2013 magazine – the felt artist is amazing! There’s an entire interview.

Greeting Cards, Gifts, Cushions & DiverseGifts in Brixton…

in collaboration with Brixton Makershood, who I am a member off (you can see my page here) and will be showing other members work at DiverseGifts in Brixton

diverse gifts logo

Their website is currently being updated and the physical shop is relocating to Coldharbour Lane, visit the facebook page to keep up to date.

Click the images below to visit my Etsy shop – I will also list them on Folksy & WowThankYou.

English Garden Greeting Cards

English Garden Greeting Cards – add your sentiment & then your loved one can frame the artwork keeping your words secret & close by for years to come!

English Garden Greeting Cards as seen in small sized frames

English Garden Greeting Cards as seen in small sized frames


Autumnal Trees Square Greeting Cards shown in frames and on printed textiles - Cushions

Autumnal Trees Square Greeting Cards shown in frames and on printed textiles – Cushions



I will also be selling larger sized prints in frames and Jewellery Pendants at the shop.

Online purchases will also be available via and soon.


I like these Cushions!

I did have a Society 6 shop as I love the idea of patterns and illustrations on textiles but I object to $1.50 profit per item and being in the UK means you have to wait ages for them to arrive… why is everything in the USA!

on a side note… I keep buying things off Amazon from companies that say they are in the UK but turn out to be in the USA!?!?!? gargh – I would just prefer to know that I have to wait several weeks rather than days for a small spool of wire!

anyway I’m waiting for printed fabric of some of my designs to arrive from Spoonflower… yep, they are in the USA so I’ve been looking up UK printers which turns out to be rather complex in the costings, set up fees etc.

I’ve decided to try home screen printing again which is awkward when living in a tiny place.

In the meantime I’ve entered a competition even though it’s for illustrators, but I did see other cushions with photos on them.. but they had text so I’m not too sure mine will do well on the site (the competition is based on sales not popularity or ‘likes’) but the preview images look really good though 😀

Autumnal Tree Circle

Autumnal Tree Circle

Two Trees

Two Trees

Snow Pebbles Cushion

Snow Pebbles Cushion

They have these available to buy for £25 each – plus you’ll find lots of others that are illustrations and humous so go check the site out – click on a photo or visit ohh deer!