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Makerhood Twitter on Tuesday Nights at 8.30-9.30pm

NOTE: #handmadelambeth will soon be changed to #lambethmakers

Robyn from Archie Mac who is a member of Makerhood (creative small makers from Lambeth, London) came up with an idea to do a #handmadelambeth hour with us all giving tips, info on our crafts and small business.

Archie Mac London

Robyn Parker of Archie Mac London interview with Makerhood

click this to read Robyn Parker of Archie Mac London, interview with Makerhood



It’s early days and we are hoping more people will join and Makerhood are great at getting a few other organisations to join in on the Tuesday night #handmadelambeth hour – tonight was about #business #training #handmade and there’s a lot of good links – some I’ve heard of and some I needed reminding of and some are new.

If you read my previous post you’ll see that I love links, information and ebooks etc… I’m getting slightly fatigued but I have got more aware of my procrastination habits… it’s funny how trying to be productive and informative is a procrastination/avoidance tactic to facing personal fears lol.

The reason I started doing this sort of posts was to share the information I find… I’ve tried it with friends who say they want to do similar but I  realised that they don’t really… it’s a nice idea and they think that if you do work for yourself is is ‘luck’ based… which is rather insulting really as people don’t learn, build a business (not necessarily talking about myself as mostly just freelancing for one company at the moment with a little side line) all based on luck… nor do people create wonderful items like Archie Mac from luck… I’m sure it took a lot of work in so many areas and not just the initial design, research, testing, failing, retesting (I’m assuming ;-)) and long long hours… so don’t tell someone is lucky … tell them well done on all your hard work through doubt, fear, loneliness on top of all the other life things that have to be dealt with… I hope to get that strength and courage to start taking control and stop flippin procrastinating. HA!

anyway, enough of my ramblings… here’s the links that got discussed during our twitter #handmadelambeth hour (soon to be  #lambethmakers)

 Brand Amplifier

Makerhood have had several of their members apply for the @brandamplifier for women in business

Brand Amplifier

The four-weekly program offers workshops and seminars on brand strategy, business planning and digital marketing in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Morley College & Makerhood

Makerhood members also get discounts on a range of courses at Morley College (save 10%) on business start up etc.

Makerhood and Morley College

Makerhood and Morley College

Morley College provides a wide range of learning opportunities that promote community inclusion and sustainable development. The work it does fosters the development of both social and human capital.

In the Ofsted inspection in January 2011 Morley College received an outstanding grade for effective partnership work because of a rich variety of learning opportunities that significantly contribute to local economic and social regeneration.

Makers’ Club members are entitled to a 10% discount on all Morley College courses, except for accredited provision. Please quote the discount code MAKER04 when you book.

You can see more Makerhood partner discounts by clicking on this sentence!


The British Library – St Pancras

The British Library Business Centre

The British Library Business Centre


The British Library Business & IP Centre at St Pancras, London can help you start, run and grow your business. 

Our experts have handpicked the best information for researching key industries. These guides highlight useful databases, publications and websites. You’ll be able to find all this information for free in the Business & IP Centre. To use it, you just need to get a Reader Pass.”

I do tend to forget about this rather fantastic resource – they have business networking information and links – a startup saturday workshop, business planning, protecting ideas and researching markets. and free industry guides. (ooh… !)

The Design Trust 

(mentioned these guys before!)

(Twitter @TheDesignTrust)
The Design Trust joined in with Makerhood’s twitter #handmadelambeth hour giving us this recommendation: “Another great book is @DougRichard @CreativeS4S How to start a creative business.

We don’t just promote ourselves! Check out our free resources for our selected opportunities & business training across UK”.

“Our new SHARE membership get that plus online community include 30 Day Challenges, forums & monthly Q&A with The Design Doctor”.

The previous book they recommended was “Get Clients Now” (yup… just bought it myself – click pic for Amazon UK link or the link in this sentence to visit C. J. Hayden’s website).

…new Get Clients Now!: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches



 Tree Shepherd

These guys do talks, business surgery and startup meetings – sounds good… Robyn at Archie Mac Designs says it works great for her!

Tree Shepherd  talks, business surgery and startup meetings

Tree Shepherd talks, business surgery and startup meetings



 Space Studios

SPACE is a leading visual arts organization providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promoting innovation.

has workshops and learning spaces for Artists… founded by artists Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgley, and Peter Townsend in 1968. lots of info. link

Stimulating and supporting contemporary visual arts practice

I joined when they had a special deal on and really need to re-familiarise myself with them!

Good for jobs, opportunities, interviews, news and knowledge bank.



Creative Bug Creative Branding course

I recommend the Creativebug Creative Branding course which is online and interviews several maker/artist types and downloadable PDF – the first two parts were really good. I paid an early bird price as I did the subscription for monthly unlimited viewing of their classes

I tend to do a few months on different sites as I spend a lot of time on my computer and like to have tutorials/info video’s in the background whilst working on the more ‘auto’ pilot type work.

Also do so many different videos, marketing, business, software etc.





Skillshare has got bigger and bigger… currently watching the 3D printing classes… they cover so many different skills and also have several business/startup modules by big names so worth having a look – free month when you sign up… if you click my link we both get a free month (hint hint!)




I need to stop searching for answers…


How many guides and how-to’s do I need?

I was searching to see if the e-book was something that I had bought in the past, I was having deja vue on the title and subject… well, couldn’t find it but I found a that I own a huuuuuuuge amount of guides, how-to’s, creative business finance, business management, project management, excel sheets and planners of all shapes and sizes… from one day, a week, month, 6 months, plan your life for the next 5 years… all of the above come in either very serious (and slightly boring) formats to the extreme that consist of 10-year-old like drawings on how to plan your life, career, bedroom, dinner etc.

I’m wondering when I’m going to stop researching how to research and trying to plan out my multiple plans… urgh… see confusing.

Running away or just a big fat chicken!

It’s all about being vague, unsure, un-confident, confused… desperate for clarity yet then off I go looking for something to help clear things for myself… so this week I have found and downloaded about 7 types of planners… urgh.

It’s the same with art medium, crafts, and art styles… I want to do them all lol. which is ridiculous as it took artist, and crafters to learn over years so it’s not an instant skill… plus halfway through trying something new (or just buying all the bits…love doing that bit!!) I see something else to get excited over.

I know that I do that so try not to get excited over something new but I think that then bounces back onto the project I wanted to finish… I just need to learn to prioritise and finish things more. yet anything that I do for anyone else gets finished… ok, correction… I just need to learn to prioritise MY projects and finish them 😉

It’s also about fearing the outcome… fear or failure of a project… another example of waste…. waste of materials, money, time and effort… yet, it’s hardly a waste if it’s learning skills that can be used later but it’s easy to kick yourself in the teeth and be supportive and positive to someone else… I’m not saying that should be the other away around though… please don’t kick anyone in the teeth as I was speaking hypothetically.

Maybe it’s about time I took my ideas seriously and start DOING. Planning is a form of procrastination… I spent months last year going through so many productivity apps and gadgets and I realised that I was just avoiding the actual issue… plus how do you set up a productivity system when you haven’t actually mapped/planed it out anyway so it’s not like my ‘testing’ was very well thought out.

I think I would get first place in ‘faffing’, ‘avoidance’ and ‘running away’…. now where’s my gold cup and ribbon?


From Busy to Happy – a 21 day productivity course...Scholarship-Social-Media-1-copy

I signed up to the  “21 day productivity course”

There’s a scholarship and you have to fill out a declaration … here’s mine… my first selfie! gargh… as you can tell I don’t do selfies and that’s also the reason why I’m usually the one yielding a camera… a large one! Neo is not impressed is she?! (yes… I made the picture smaller… might delete it soon ;-P)

  1. Create 2 products with research on costs/labour… wholesale, retail prices and set up ready to sell.
  2. Write a tutorial for Etsy/e-commerce set up for beginners for a local art/craft group with photo tips too.
  3. also start jogging again and stop smoking… I’ve not smoked since last night and walked 9 miles (had heavy bag of work files so no jogging!)

ps: The pic got cropped at the bottom but it says that I wont let the mind gremlins sabotage me … I’ve been a wuss as far as those are concerned!

The winners were announced…

I say winners because there were 3 and not just one… I forgot to comment on their blog post and add the declaration to my blog in time so I knew I wouldn’t but I figured I need some markers for deadlines and accountability plus, I think it might help not to hide behind the paper and try to get the cat to distract people hahaha!

from busy to happy 21 day productivity workshop winners

Guides, Planners, How-to’s and e-stuff.

(I was going to add all my books/guides/planner links etc but realised that it would take a month full-time working hours or several months part-time hours… how about I just do it bit by bit).

I have a post it on my iMac that says…

“take action, make it real and tweak as you go!” 



So here are some links to all the ebooks and guides that I have read, bought, and downloaded. As I like to hoard information it does mean that I’ve not necessarily read them all!

Click the images to go get your own – some require using an email address to subscribe which does mean you can get even more links to guides etc… OMG, I’m flippin obsessed.



Tara Gentile

I keep coming back to this site & she’s on CreativeLive too – she also runs a kickstarter labs group – If I actually start earning money I will join!


Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile



The Design Trust

I think they have a monthly group that you can join up to as well.

The Design Trust Business School & Shop

The Design Trust Business School & Shop




Very girly which is not my usual ‘thing’ but could be a refreshing change from the more boring/traditional type gurus! They are separate but work together and April has a course on CreativeLive too – they other sites are Blacksburg Belle & Heartmade & Life is Messy Bootcamp & Connecting the Gaps.

I am considering their 21 day productivity course too… I figure that if I keep buying books/guides etc I might as well get ones that last longer and have some kind of deadline… I’m good at deadlines!

Young/Fun guru girls - 21 Day Productivity Mission - lots of printable too

Young/Fun guru girls – 21 Day Productivity Mission – lots of printable too



  •  Free Ebook.. “Sell Your Art without Selling Out”

Sell Your Art Without Selling Out free ebook

Sell Your Art Without Selling Out free ebook


  • Free eMagazine with useful links (UK) (not read this yet as only found it yesterday… did spy lots of links and it’s hard to find book/guides with the UK in mind.
How to Start a Business in London Central emagazine

How to Start a Business in London – created a series of free downloadable step-by-step guides

Interesting blog and coaching as well as these free planners.

2014 Planning workbook by Lestssandbox

2014 Planning workbook by Lestssandbox

Weekly Planning Workbook from Letssandbox

Weekly Planning Workbook from Letssandbox



A Hand Crafted Academy

Currently doing a trio of free ebooks –

  • How to overcome your doubts and feel confident all the time.
  • What you need to know about your customers
  • Do you struggle pricing your handmade products
Handcrafted Academy

Handcrafted Academy




Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos: Fool-Proof Techniques to Make Your Handmade Creations Shine Online

I’m actually a photographer and retoucher (see my side bar to visit my photography website) but I don’t really ‘do’ product photography. Plus, it’s a book (love books!) which means I had to buy it… I recommend it to anyone who sells work and needs to take photos without having to buy a fancy pants camera and/or lighting system. And, it can give me tips on how to style stuff as I can be rather technical in terms of being practically and not telling a narrative… that’s how to sell things.



Courtney Carver

Be more with less… has several free ebooks on simplifying, decluttering and small business… there’s a monthly online course. (the microbusiness ebook isn’t free… forgot that I paid for that one!)

Be More with Less Books & ECourses

Be More with Less Books & ECourses

Spark and Tinder Courses

Spark and Tinder Courses


oh look just found this… now off to make a wishlist of books to buy next…

37 Books Every Creative Person Should Be Reading

Making things is hard. Here are some books to inspire and invigorate you.


Makerhood Lambeth Group Members on Etsy

I am helping the Makerhood Lambeth group with a few things and one has been setting up an Etsy Team where we hope to promote each other and also help newbies to Etsy set up their shop.
I’m trying out the team page that Etsy captains can set up and I’ve created a list that shows the current members who have signed up to Etsy! (ergh… just realised why I prefer to self host blogs as the version wont allow embedding of etsy widgets!) – this is just a screen grab… click on it to visit the actual makerhood page!
Etsy makerhood Page for local Lambeth London creative makers and artists.

Etsy makerhood Page for local Lambeth London creative makers and artists.

If you are already a Makerhood member and you are interested in joining Etsy and setting up a shop then please join the team on Etsy and we will all help you find out more if you are new! I know the Makerhood Organisers are hoping to have a meet up soon for people who want to know more before signing up – we hope to set up teams who will go teach different stages of setting up… newbies, people who want to know more about tagging/descriptions and promotion etc… so keep an eye out for that newsletter!
If you are a creative maker, artist etc living in Lambeth, London then please check out Makerhood and it’s £25 to join for the year and you get to go to lots of workshops for free and everyone helps to promote you via social media too.
I’ve been to several which have ranged from pricing of your work, social media, selling to shops and last Tuesday night we had a talk on ‘Dazzling Displays’ given by Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK and Setbox.

Paperpoms you can see what past events they had listed here and also see what talks are coming up… Eventbrite Makerhood Makerhood websitetoo! Its was a shame that Ellie Kidson is a Visual Retail Specialist and oversees training and development for the Metamorphosis Group was forced to cancel but she has promised to give a talk soon 🙂 Here’s some photos that I took for Makerhood.

uliet Carr from Paperpoms UK

Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK

Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood

Dazzling displays Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK and Setbox gives a talk at L’Arche, Norwood High Street - 18 June 2014 -

COOKIES! … and lots of information!

Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood

Q&A for Juliet!

Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood

oooh, tools, paper and making stuff… love that bendy florist wire … I definitely need that… not sure what right now but I know I will have to buy some soon!

The Artist’s Survival Kit printable by Keri Smith…

Keri Smith’s Artist Survival Kit might come in handy for those ‘off’ days… or skint days… or … general uuuurrrgghghghghgh what the hell am I doing days…

Keri has made some print outs to cut out and pick out when you feel like you suck at illustration… or working for yourself and feel dejected!

click on the image to visit her website

The Artist's Survival Kit by Keri Smith

The Artist's Survival Kit by Keri Smith



hahaha… I just realised that I have Keri’s book ‘Guerilla Art Kit’, which I got from the Tate Modern book shop… I have to avoid the Tate Modern because of their shop… too flippin dangerous as I want to absorb all the designs, art and techniques and fun stuff too 😀

I’m reading her “How I Discovered my Secret Powers” article and I wish I had the space to explore like that… I, unfortunately, had a rubbish education where you weren’t allowed to speak (went to lots of schools) my family tore/ripped/insulted anything I created, other school kids ruined my artwork and hand made items… no legal guardian to sign college paperwork so ended up in ‘training’ jobs where you train up the people who get the proper wage (??!?!?!), oh and if you are a teenager all employers can rip you off because they assume you have parents or live at home… I had neither 🙁

many years later I feel that I’m going back to that stage where I should have been but now have the baggage of all those years of doing long hours, great work (why would they give me all the urgent work, train others up and lose contracts when I left… if I was so crap and paid me less that other people?) distracting me and making me feel terrible… I’m older now and London renting is stupidly expensive. (don’t tell me to move unless you know there’s a job there, paying the deposit and moving fees and it’s somewhere actually nice rather than just randomly picking somewhere that is dead in spirit and I have no reason to be there except to get a slightly larger room for the same money??!??!?!) I’M TRYING TO KEEP HOPE ALIVE PEOPLE!!!! (I also do love London… it’s a love/hate thing… it’s actually selfish people that ruin things and that applies to everywhere!!)

I don’t need much except rent, food and book money… and the occasional vet fees for my agoraphobic ex-stray cat so I would rather do something interesting and lots of different things… I have to keep my photography separate from this blog which is downright annoying… I’ve had to do everything myself in life and then look after others (why do people who have family need even more babysitters to do everything for them when I don’t?!??! ok, I do know the answer and I’m going to start filtering out spoilt brats who can’t do anything themselves and then insult the people who are capable!)… doing everything myself and trying to do the ‘right thing’ has meant I follow all the rules and more… total conformist… I do wear mostly black … but that’s it… oh, I do have a little red dragon (nothing to do with Welsh Rugby either!!!) tattoo on my ankle which no one ever seas and I keep forgetting about (took me 15 years of considering a tattoo as I’ve known too many idiots who got one because their (temporary) friend got one… eh?!) and I did have a pierced lip, nose and tongue (tongue stud didn’t last long as I discovered I am allergic to apples and it made my tongue/throat swell up, and I’m super practical so I took it out just in case!)

anyway… I’m off to do practical stuff and nothing fun ‘cos I’m an idiot.

Todays experiments instead of doing my Tax…

ok… I’ve done most of my finance tax sheet for last tax year but have yet to submit it online… I do prefer to get it over with but yet I’m still procrastinating and playing with patterns in Illustrator – I have yet to do more on the underwater theme project… it’s started and sat on an Illustrator art board so getting there slowly.

I’m also doing the Creativebug’s…


CreativeBug Building a Creative Brand

How many online courses can I sign up to????

I have too many ideas and add in nervousness and my amazing procrastination/avoidance skills which all equals a huge amount of faffing… I’m becoming an expert in faffing! gosh now there’s something I wanted to achieve!!

I want to do something more focused – it doesn’t help that I don’t want to leave my photography behind and trying to have a brand that has two very different styles makes it awkward to bring together.


anyway… back to today’s ‘play with doodles’ motif and pattern making.

Wavy Lined Petals experiments

Wavy Lined Petals experiments

Wavy Motif Experiments

Wavy Motif Experiments

now back to stuff I’m suppose to be doing 🙂

ABSPD Module 1, Week 1 – mark making…

a few more exercises – mark making and deconstructing patterns…

I keep being distracted by my doodling and then start on something else lol.

pattern, sketch

I like the small black marks in the bottom left corner – reminds me of burnt matches… plus the ‘brain shell’ pattern on the rights – the small yellow ‘moon’ shapes came from a flower photo.

the images below are simple scans and then a quick duplicate of layers etc…

quick photoshop play with the 'shell brain' sketch... rather like it and will try a proper version soon.

quick photoshop play with the ‘shell brain’ sketch… rather like it and will try a proper version soon.


quick play with 'burnt bits' - actually smudged ink pen

quick play with ‘burnt bits’ – actually smudged ink pen



I’m also taking part in the MATS Bootcamp unofficial April Project of underwater theme design – and so I did some ‘mark making’ for that too… tendrils, seaweed, coral…

ink, smudge, lines, drips

more inky tendrils

blue ink, tendrils, drips

blue inky bits…

sea fleas and urchins sketch - separated onto different layers in photoshop... like the shape of the fleas... the sea urchins I would like to re-do in illustrator in stylised lines.

sea fleas and urchins sketch – separated onto different layers in photoshop… like the shape of the fleas… the sea urchins I would like to re-do in illustrator in stylised lines.





Now off to read the latest issue of Elle Decoration as it has an anniversary issue on pattern & colour 🙂

I hope to find one that I can deconstruct for another class exercise.


update: didn’t use the Elle Decoration magazine but I bought two new books (books yay!)

The V&A Pattern – The Fifties

V&A Pattern - The Fifties

V&A Pattern – The Fifties

A tiny book but brilliant inside – comes with a DVD but my iMac loathes reading CD/DVD’s and just vomits them back out.

The first pattern I looked at in order to deconstruct was Marian Mahler with David Whitehead Ltd – Red Curtain fabric – screen printed cotton, 1950 (V&A: T.504:2-1996)

It reminds me of a dining room (maybe I’ve seen to many sitcoms) but the yellow ‘table’ and mobile shapes dangling above (Joan Miró!)

3 colour screen print

Yellow ‘table’

Black small icons

Red background

I’m assuming the white is from the base fabric colour (?)

Half drop repeat (I think), graphic and contemporary.

Pg 22 - Marian Mahler Pattern

Pg 22 – Marian Mahler Pattern



The second pattern I liked (actually loved loads more but wanted to try finding something that was simple and graphic), was J Feldman (David Whitehead Ltd) furnishing fabric. Roller[printed spun rayon, UK 1954 (V&A: CIRC. 504-1954) – nice strong motifs with clean graphic elements yet has imperfect wonky bits (technical term!!)

Does this count as a 3 colour print?

Black arrows and circles,

Red ‘propellers’ and dots

Green – light hue for ‘propellers’ and dots

Green – dark for background (?)

I’m assuming (until I find out more about pattern printing anyway!!) that the white is the base fabric colour


V&A Pattern - page 60

V&A Pattern – page 60


I also bought this book on Amazon – only received that today (5th April) it comes with a CD with 50 copyright-free patterns… stupid iMac DVD drive… I really need to fix that.

Cutting-Edge Patterns and Textures by Estel Vilaseca

Cutting-Edge Patterns and Textures by Estel Vilaseca