I was contemplating leaving London and moving to Bristol. I figured I’d better visit again as it’s been a long time since I was last there (and it was a very quick visit back then). I did need a mini break anyway so off I go escaping London… RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; hmmm… green stuff that isn’t mold or something toxic! hoorah. RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; Train Trip Countryside

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; Countryside Homestead

I do love rolling hills…

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; Colourful Houses of Bristol Radcliffe Parade

Colourful Houses of Bristol Radcliffe Parade

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; River Avon Curvature

View from Clifton Suspension Bridge over the River Avon

   Spent two days only, would have liked more but timing/costs etc… if I have to move it will cost a lot of money so didn’t want to waste any.

Good to see Aardman puppets at the Exhibition in the M Shed – actually ended up at the M Shed 3 times over the two days… besides the wifi the cafe was lovely and great view and obviously had Wallace and Grommit near by 🙂   I did see the Aardman offices too… shame the outside is just a typical office building… would love to see the inside obviously.

I have since decided that maybe I’m just being a little daft as it’s a rather a drastic move – I like London a lot, it’s just a mixture of spoilt brats being a stupid and the cost to rent a total dump even in the worst areas, is getting ridiculous… not sure if I’m just losing my, what used to be, high tolerance level and/or age related! Perhaps both. Did think of Brighton again but have lived there twice already and I’m not commuting (been there, done that and never again!) and never found decent work… well… maybe rent somewhere in London for a little longer … maybe I should start playing the Lottery? *rolls eyes*

(more images to follow soon but other work means I have to put them on hold for a bit)