Despite having a backlog of images I tend to take my camera with me most places… I went for a walk on Thursday around Battersea Park and took a few more photos – I just can’t help myself!

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; Circling the Clouds

Sculpture in Battersea Park

I do like just turning up somewhere and casually taking images to see what comes out at the end… sometimes I ‘see’ exactly how the image will look once I’ve processed it but others are just to ‘play’ with and I find it helps if stressed or have a lot on my mind (also away to procrastinate from all the things I should be doing ha!)

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; Hebe - Battersea Park foliage

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; Battersea Park - Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii Euphorbia Characis Wulfenii Herbaceous Perennials

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash;
I used to know plants and flower names but I really have forgotten them all except the real obvious ones… daisies lol!