My friend Owl Knit You (Emily Wilson) has an exhibition of her webs (now updated with wire and maps!!) at the ArtSmacked curated exhibition at the Aviary Gallery 458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG.

I went to the private view on Thursday 3rd February 2012 and took a couple of images (the lamp and gas fire images are just me messing around and not part of the exhibition!)

The Artists:

Lewis John Brooks (England) Mixed Media

Bel Lefosse (Brazil) Installation & Object

Christabel Lindner (Canada) Video, Mixed Media

Bill Millett (Scotland) Photography

Sujata Sengupta (India) Design

Emily Spence (USA) Fabric Design

Sorcha-Mai Stott-Strzala (England) Video

Nataliia Taranukha (Ukraine) Painting/Sculpture

Sarah Kate WIlson (England) Mixed Media

Masaki Yada (Japan) Painting


I managed to miss taking a few images of some of the artist but you can make an appointment to view up to the 10th February.

Visit ArtSmacked and Apiary Gallery for more information.