I spent last Saturday with my Nieces and my Great Nephews in a colourful autumnal park in Henly-on-Thames.

Taking photographs of children is always challenging and I wanted to shoot most of the images in manual mode rather than my slightly chicken stance of semi-automatic (usually AV so I can change the depth of field easily and let the camera do the rest for me).

I did take a tripod and reflector which didn’t get used – there was a couple of photos that were ruined and would have benefitted from using the reflector to soften the afternoon light – it gets dark early so we had to be at the park by 2pm in order to get some shots in but a reflector is useful in entertaining children!

I took about 400 images and a few ‘good one’s’ were out of focus which is rather annoying but happens when trying to get quick candid shots of children.



Brothers alternative school photo session

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