I like to sit at the front of the DLR because I’m a big kid! 🙂

DLR train ride through a gritty London

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DLR train ride through a gritty London

I was going to ‘clean’ these images up but have decided that I like the ‘dirty’ look (ooh er!). The window at the front of the Train obviously gets all the pollution and dirt thrown at it so the glass was covered but I think it adds atmosphere!

I was so busy taking photographs that I missed my stop by two… so ended up in Deptford – I was aiming for Greenwich to meet up with my friend to see the Ansel Adams Exhibition. I brought the book “Looking at Ansel Adams” by Andrea G. Stillman (don’t you just hate it when Amazon sells a book cheaper than the one you paid for!) Sillman worked as his assistant and was a close friend.

I’ve Only just started reading it but it does feel like confirmation in regard to the fight over ‘in camera’ and post-processing –  Adams’ is all about bringing out the beauty of the image in the darkroom… I use darkroom techniques in photoshop – which is obviously a lot easier and quicker but I do have actual experience of dodging and burning a print, then developing the print itself… I  loved holding that ‘just processed’ 10×8 print. I could never print anything smaller as that size is ‘perfect’ (for me). I do msss that chemical smell 🙂

I never knew about Adams when I first got into photography – actually I never even knew any single person who had a camera as a kid unless it was one of those that cut people’s heads off, so I do wonder how I became interested in the subject – even schools do classes on darkrooms developing and pin hole cameras nowadays; I had to teach myself… still learning.

But I loved black and white imagery with high contrast…  and the sky… and clouds… I lived in Brighton so the sea was a source of drama but most people want women to create ‘pretty’ images and anything else is just not allowed. Unfortunately, my family are not the type to encourage anything (actually the opposite) so I got on with working long hours but I kept finding myself back in the Photography area (photo libraries). I guess I just can’t help myself… I’m planning on going over the zoning method again as my memory seems to have gone all vague on the subject and will be useful for the box brownie camera that I brought on ebay


I wonder if I can get my darkroom kit back from my neighbour? hmmmm….


oops nearly forgot…

my own image was exhibited next to Ansel Adams :-DDDD

ok… fine…. not really… well sort of 😛

I was Invited to join the Flickr group “Ansel Adams at the National Maritime Museum” as they are showing a digital display as part of the exhibition, to show how other photographers have been inspired by his work. #rmg http://www.flickr.com/photos/runnycustard/8045110320/ I hope I got more than 2 ‘likes’ 🙁

actually it’s rather light in this image (back lit screen – apologies for the dodgy iphone 4 pic.) the actual image is darker and the print is on Etsy as a 18×12 inch print if you fancy having this on your wall 🙂 the thumbnail sized image on Etsy is rather pixellated and will definitely not look like that on the print itself.

My Photograph at the Ansel Adams Exhibition, London

My Photograph at the Ansel Adams Exhibition, London